Friday, February 6, 2009

Boogum 2/7


Monologue: Siblings

Thematic Sets x2: Sibling Rockalry

Stanley Brothers
Beach Boys
Everly Brothers
Carter Family
Sly and the family stone
Collins kids
Iggy & the Stooges
Santo & Johnny
The Kinks
Palace Music
The Breeders
Paris Sisters
Collins Kids

Dick Chatham's Modern Blues Episode #1


Side A: The Cramps

Dead Man's Notebook Episode #1

Side B: Buffalo Springfield

New Music:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sibling Rock

Iggy & Stooges
Beach Boys
Jesus & Mary chain
twisted sister
paris sisters
Santo & Johnny
Palace Music

nick cave-brother my cup is empty

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fear Not Boogum Enthusiasts!

Now that Thanksgiving has taken it's night cap and retired for the year, let the new programs commence!
Come Dasher and Dancer,
Prancer and Vixen,
Comet & Cupid,
Donner & BLITZEN!
(Yeah, that's right. All eight.)
Upcoming Show Themes:
12/8/07---I'll Leave the Bottle on the Bar: Songs about Boozin'
12/22/07- A Very Boogum Xmas

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oogum Boogum Playlist 4/28/07

All the sunshine talk on Saturday night was a nice precursor to Sunday’s sunbeamy rock department field trip to the Richmond Braves game. Plenty of shade on the first base line & not a cloud in the sky. Hat give-away day to boot. Final score: Braves-11 Norfolk Tide- 0. Evan even got his arm signed by Diamond Duck, a mascot whose skill and enthusiasm for mascoteering is, in my humble opinion, rivaled only by Kickeroo the Kangaroo of USL second league’s Richmond Kickers. If you missed out on the free hats this weekend, no need to fret. You have a primetime opportunity to turn your lemons into lemonade this Saturday when the Braves host the Durham Bulls for Cinco De Mayo. The first 2500 fans through the gate will receive complimentary Mexican flip drums. $2 dollar tacos and pre-game salsa music will abound. Be sure to get there early for the burrito rolling contest.

Theme: Daylight Saving

Intro Song: Brenton Wood-Oogum Boogum-Oogum Boogum (1966)

Set #1 (Day/Morning)

1. Santo & Johnny-Lazy Day
2. Bill Callahan-Day-Woke on a Whaleheart (2007)
3. The Byrds-Draft Morning-The Notorious Byrd Brothers (1968)
4. Lambchop-Your F*&^%$#@ Synny Day-Thriller (1997)
5. Loney, Dear-Hard Days, Noir (2007)

Set # 2 (Day/Morning)

6. The Kinks-Morning Song & Daylight-Preservation Act 1 (1973)
7. The Ass Ponys-Calendar Days-Lohio (2001)
8. Page France & the Family Telephone-Casting Day-S/T (2007)
9. The Silver Jews-Inside the Golden Days of Missing You-Natural Bridge (1996)
10. The Landau Orchestra-Dark Days-Janus Plays Telephone (2007)
11. The Meat Puppets-This Day-Forbidden Places (1991)
12. Illinois-Bad Day-What the Hell Do I Know? (2007)

Set # 3 (Day/Morning)

13. Belle & Sebastian-Another Sunny Day-The Life Pursuit (2006)
14. The Talking Heads-Happy Day-77 (1977)
15. Nick Drake-Day is Done-Five Leaves Left (1969)

Set # 4 (Night/Evening)

16. Bill Callahan-Night-Woke on a Whale Heart (2007)
17. The Electric Soft Parade-Cold World/Starry Starry Night # 1-No Need to Be Downhearted (2007)
18. The Clean-Late Last Night-Anthology (2003)
19. Jason & the Scorchers-Hot Nights in Georgia-Fervor EP (1983)
20. The Clientele-The Garden at Night & No Dreams Last Night-God save the Clientele (2007)
21. Big Star-Nighttime-Third/Sister Lovers (1978)

Set # 5 (Night/Evening)

22. Robyn Hitchcock-Raymond Chandler Evening-Element of Light (1986)
23. The Raincoats-Only Loved at Night-Odyshape (1981)
24. The Feelies-Moscow Nights-Crazy Rhythms (1980)
25. The Troggs-Night of the Long Grass-Love is all Around (1968)
26. The Sea & the Cake-Middlenight-Everybody (2007)
27. The Dirty Three-I Really Should Have Gone Out Last Night-Whatever You Love, You Are (2000)
28. Robyn Hitchcock-Nocturne (Demise)-I Often Dream of Trains (1984)

Outro Song: The Velvet Underground-Afterhours-S/T (1969)